Global Leadership – Minor (Arts)

Now, more than ever, the world needs principled, inclusive, and empathetic global leaders. The Minor in Global Leadership, facilitated in partnership between multiple Faculties across all three U of T campuses, develops students’ collaborative global leadership skills and capacity to critique what is global leadership and how this concept is understood and challenged in diverse disciplines and global cultures. The Minor integrates theory and practice, and provides a forum for students to engage across disciplines and geographical contexts. The Minor includes interdivisional student experience, community engagement and completion of a globally partnered capstone project.

Enrolment in the Minor in Global Leadership is limited. Students will be able to apply to the program after completing 4.0 credits (but no more than 6.0 credits) and must have achieved a minimum average GPA of 2.7 across their best 3.0 credits completed.

In addition, students must submit a separate application. Please see the Minor in Global Leadership website for more information.

NOTE: The GPA cut-off for admission is determined annually in relation to the number and quality of the applicants. It is never below 2.7 across the best 3.0 credits. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

4.0 credits are required.

  • GLB201H5
  • GLBC01H3 (offered at the UTSC campus)
  • GLB401Y1 (offered at the St. George campus)
  • 2.0 credits, as follows:
    • One course (0.5-1.0 credit) from the Communication and Cultural Competencies course list (below); and
    • Remaining credits to total 2.0 credits (1.0-1.5 credits) from Leadership; Global Issues; and/ or Ethics/ Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion course lists (below).

Leadership: ANT215H5 or ANT300H5 or ANT352H5 or EDS210H5 or ENV201H5 or HIS311H5 or MGT260H5 or MGT463H5 or POL343Y5

Global Issues: EDS310H5 or ENG273H5 or ENV310H5 or ENV311H5 or GGR329H5 or GGR363H5 or GGR387H5 or HIS330H5 or HIS323H5 or HIS364H5 or HIS425H5 or JEP356H5 or SOC304H5 or SOC354H5 or SOC382H5 or RLG314H5

Ethics/Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: EDS220H5 or ENG274H5 or HIS386H5 or JAL355H5 or POL355Y5 or POL368H5 or PSY320H5 or SOC358H5 or SOC388H5 or RLG314H5 or WGS335H5 or WGS367H5 or WGS420H5

Communication and Cultural Competencies: ARA212Y5 or CHI103H5 or CHI104H5 or FSL105H5 or FSL106H5 or GER100Y5 or HIN211H5 or HIN212H5 or ITA100Y5 or PUN212Y5 or SPA100Y5 or URD212Y5
** The Communication & Cultural Competencies requirement must be fulfilled in a language that is not the student’s first/ native language.