Forensic Science - Minor (Science)

A minor program that can be taken in combination with any specialist or major program, including from the Social Sciences and Humanities. The minor program introduces students to the core tenets of Forensic Science: evidence recovery; scientific analysis; quality assurance; evidence-based interpretation; peer review; and communication of results as they relate to the Canadian legal system. Students will be exposed to forensic techniques and approaches, helping them to understand how they can be utilized in other fields of study. This program will complement degrees in criminology, sociology, geography, political science, and any other field that intersects with the legal system. Students will learn forensic theory and at least one applied skill set through lectures and labs.

Limited Enrolment — A final grade of 75% is required in FSC239Y5.

4.0 credits are required.

First Year: FSC239Y5

Second Year: FSC271H5

Third Year: FSC303H5, FSC360H5 and 0.5 credit from FSC210H5, FSC220H5, FSC307H5, FSC311H5, FSC314H5, FSC315H5, FSC316H5, FSC320H5, FSC330H5, FSC335H5, FSC350H5, FSC351H5, FSC361H5, FSC370H5,

Fourth Year:

Some third-year and fourth-year courses listed above have additional pre-requisites. Students interested in these courses should plan their courses appropriately to ensure that the stated pre-requisites are met. Students without pre- and co-requisites or written permission of the instructor can be de-registered from courses at any time.