Classical Civilization - Minor (Arts)

4.0 credits, meeting the following requirements:

First Year:

1. 1.0 credits from the following list: CLA101H5 or CLA230H5 or CLA231H5 or CLA233H5 or CLA237H5.

Higher Years:

2. 2.0 additional CLA credits at the 200+level
3. 1.0 credits at the 300+level


  • Up to 1.0 credits in the following areas may be substituted for CLA courses:
    • Courses in Latin (LAT) and Greek (GRK), at the 100- or 200-level, offered at U of T Mississauga may be substituted for 200-level CLA courses. Students are invited to contact the Historical Studies Academic Advisor for further information.
    • History of Religions (RLG) courses may be substituted when those courses focus on religion in the ancient Greek or Roman Mediterranean ( RLG324H5, RLG326H5, RLG358H5, RLG435H5).
    • DRE356H5, DRE358H5, DRE420H5 and DRE422H5 may be substituted when those courses are taught as ancient drama.
    • Courses in ancient Art (e.g., FAH205H5) or ancient Philosophy (e.g., PHL300H5) may be substituted for CLA courses.