Education Studies - Minor (Arts)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment into the Education Studies Minor is limited. To be considered for enrolment, students are required to have completed 4.0 credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.30. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee enrolment into the program.

4.0 credits are required.

First Year: 0.5 credit from EDS100H5 or EDS101H5 (Note these courses are open to all students. Highly recommended but not required for those applying to the EDS minor.)

Second Year: EDS200H5, EDS210H5 and EDS220H5

Third and Fourth Years:

  1. EDS300H5 and EDS310H5
  2. 0.5 or 1.0 credits in experiential learning (for example, EDS325H5, EDS388H5, EDS377H5) or internship courses in other subject areas as approved by the Education Studies Program Coordinator.
  3. 0.5 or 1.0 remaining credits from the following: EDS250H5, EDS275H5, EDS285H5, EDS291H5, EDS345H5; EDS399H5; FAS453H5, FAS455H5; FRE225Y5, FRE325H5, FRE345H5, FRE352H5, FRE353H5, FRE355H5, FRE382H5, FRE383H5; LIN388H5, LIN487H5, LIN456H5; LTL227H5, LTL380H5, LTL487H5, LTL456H5, LTL486H5, LTL488H5; MAT382H5, MAT392H5; PHL272H5; PSY310H5, PSY311H5, PSY312H5, PSY313H5, PSY315H5, PSY341H5, PSY345H5, PSY410H5, PSY422Y5; SOC224H5, SOC480Y5; or additional appropriate courses as approved by the Education Studies Minor Coordinator.

NOTE: Students must check prerequisites and exclusions for courses listed above to ensure they meet the requirements for entry.