Art History - Minor (Arts)

4.0 credits in FAH are required, including:

  1. FAH101H5
  2. 2.0 FAH credits at the 200 level, of which at least 0.5 credit must be in Ancient & Medieval, 0.5 credit must be in 15th-18th centuries, and 0.5 credit must be in 19th-21st centuries
  3. 1.5 credits in FAH/ VCC/ VST at the 300/400 level.

The following program structure is highly recommended:

First Year: 1.0 credits: FAH101H5 and 0.5 credit in FAH at the 200 level

Higher Years: 1.5 credits in FAH at the 200 level 1.5 credits in FAH/VCC/VST at the 300/400 level

1. Students without pre- and co-requisites or written permission of the instructor can be de-registered from courses at any time.
2. See the departmental website at for the distribution of courses by area.
3. No St. George courses may be substituted for the required 100-level and 200-level courses. However, 0.5 credit at the 200-level in FAH may be taken at St. George in an area not covered by U of T Mississauga's offerings (i.e. one of the following courses: FAH248H1, FAH260H1, FAH262H1, FAH270H1, FAH272H1).