Functional French - Minor (Arts)

For students seeking a level of linguistic and cultural competence necessary for using the French language in professional Francophone environments.

4.0 credits in either FSL or FRE with at least 2.0 credits at the 300/400 level.

The obligatory core series courses ( FSL105H5, FSL106H5, FSL205Y5, FSL305Y5) must be included in the student's program, unless exemptions are approved by the Department.

To complete the minor in Functional French program, students can choose from courses such as FSL466H5, FSL405H5, FSL406H5, or any other FRE/FSL course (excluding those offered in English-LTL) providing that the prerequisite requirements have been met.

Courses offered in English are excluded (LTL).

For any exemption received, the student must replace the course(s) in question with other suitable FSL/FRE courses in order to complete the required minimum 4.0 courses.