Functional French - Minor (Arts)

For students seeking a level of linguistic and cultural competence necessary for using the French language in professional Francophone environments.

4.0 credits are required.

  1. FSL105H5 and FSL106H5
  2. FSL205H5 and FSL206H5 (or FSL205Y5)
  3. FSL305H5 and FSL306H5 (or FSL305Y5).
  4. The remaining credits can be chosen from the following list: FSL405H5, FSL406H5, FSL466H5, or other suitable FRE/FSL courses recommended and pre-approved by the Department.

  1. Students exempted from any of the above courses due to placement test results must consult with the Department for other suitable FRE/FSL course recommendations.
  2. Courses offered in English are excluded.
  3. Students cannot be enrolled simultaneously in more than one French program (French Studies - Specialist, French Studies - Major, Language Teaching and Learning: French - Major, French Studies - Minor, Functional French - Minor).