Environmental Science - Minor (Science)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is limited to student who have completed ENV100Y5 with a mark of 60% or higher.

4.0 credits are required, of which at least 1.0 must be at the 300-400 level.

First Year: 1.0 credit:

  1. Environment Foundation: ENV100Y5

Be sure to look ahead and plan to complete the prerequisites for any upper-level courses that are of interest to you.

Second Year: 2.0 credits:

  1. Environmental Management Core: ENV201H5
  2. Life Sciences Core: 0.5 credit chosen from this list: BIO201H5, BIO205H5, BIO211H5; GGR227H5
  3. Physical Geographical and Earth Sciences Core: 1.0 credit chosen from this list: CHM211H5, CHM242H5; GGR201H5, GGR214H5, GGR217H5; ERS201H5, ERS202H5, ERS203H5; JCP221H5

Upper Years: 1.0 credit:

  1. Field, Project-based, Experiential, and Research Perspectives: 0.5 credit chosen from this list: BIO416H5; ENV299Y5, ENV399Y5, ENV496H5; ENV497H5; ERS325H5; GGR335H5, GGR379H5; JEG400Y5
  2. Biogeochemical Perspectives: 0.5 credit chosen from this list: BIO311H5, BIO331H5, BIO333H5, BIO373H5; ENV495H5, ENV496H5; ERS312H5, ERS315H5, ERS412H5; GGR304H5, GGR305H5, GGR307H5, GGR309H5, GGR311H5, GGR315H5, GGR316H5, GGR317H5, GGR337H5, GGR338H5, GGR372H5, GGR374H5, GGR375H5, GGR376H5, GGR377H5, GGR383H5, GGR384H5, GGR404H5, GGR406H5, GGR407H5, GGR440H5, GGR484H5; JGE378H5;

This is intended to be an interdisciplinary program. At least three different disciplines must be represented among the courses that are counted as program requirements. For example, a course list selected from ENV + BIO + ERS is acceptable, but a course list selected only from ENV + BIO is not. Please contact the Program Advisors or Academic Counsellor if you have any questions about the validity of your course selections.