French Studies - Minor (Arts)


For students wishing to choose a combination of language, literature and/or linguistic offerings with limited access to core French courses.

Completion Requirements:

4.0 credits of FRE are required, which must include:

  1. A minimum 2.0 credits of FRE language from the following: FRE180H5/​ FRE181H5/​ FRE282H5/​ FRE283H5/​ FRE382H5/​ FRE383H5/​ FRE442H5/​ FRE482H5
  2. 1.0 credit of FRE at the 300/400 level.
  3. Additional FRE credits to fulfill 4.0 credits.

Note: Courses offered in English are excluded (FRE and LTL).

POSt Code