Environmental Law and Policy - Minor (Arts)

Enrolment Requirements:

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is limited to students who have completed ENV100Y5 with a mark of 60% or higher.

Completion Requirements:

4.0 credits are required, with at least 1.0 credit at the 300-400 level.

First Year: ENV100Y5

Higher Years: ENV201H5; JPE251H5 and JPE252H5 1.5 additional credits from: ECO373Y5; ENV310H5, ENV311H5, ENV393H5, ENV430H5; ENV422H1; GGR318H5; GGR329H5; GGR426H5; HIS318H5, HIS319H5; JEP351H5, JEP356H5, JEP452H5; PHL247H5, PHL271H5; POL346Y5

NOTE: Be sure to look ahead and plan to complete the prerequisites for any upper-level elective courses that are of interest to you. The ENV upper-level course electives typically rely only on the program’s core courses as prerequisites, but upper-level electives from other departments could have different prerequisites, so be sure to check the Calendar listings for these courses and their prerequisites.

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