Environmental Law and Policy - Minor (Arts)

The Minor in Environmental Law & Policy is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the environmental issues, ethical principles, practices, and case studies relevant to legal, political, and social applications, both in Canada and internationally. The program is intended to prepare students for career paths in law, but also more broadly in the private sector, such as establishing and enforcing environmentally responsible business practices, and in the public sector, such as advising decision-makers and developing and assessing new environmental regulations.

Limited Enrolment - Enrolment in this program is limited to students who have completed ENV100Y5 with a mark of 60% or higher.

4.0 credits are required, with at least 1.0 credit at the 300-400 level.

First Year: ENV100Y5

Higher Years: ENV201H5; JPE251H5 and JPE252H5 1.5 additional credits from: ECO373Y5; ENV210H5, ENV311H5, ENV393H5, ENV430H5, ENV435H5; ENV422H1; GGR318H5; GGR329H5; GGR426H5; HIS318H5, HIS319H5; JEP351H5, JEP356H5, JEP452H5; PHL247H5, PHL271H5; POL346Y5

NOTE: Be sure to look ahead and plan to complete the prerequisites for any upper-level elective courses that are of interest to you. The ENV upper-level course electives typically rely only on the program’s core courses as prerequisites, but upper-level electives from other departments could have different prerequisites, so be sure to check the Calendar listings for these courses and their prerequisites.