Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies - Minor (Arts)

4.0 credits are required.

First Year: WGS101H5

Higher Years:

  • WGS200Y5
  • 1.0 WGS credits at the 300+level
  • 1.5 credits in WGS or from the list of electives below


Students are responsible for checking the co- and prerequisites for all courses.

Anthropology: ANT211H5, ANT331H5, ANT335H5

Classical Civilization: CLA319H5

Communication, Culture, Information & Technology: CCT340H5

Drama: DRE366H5

English: ENG269H5, ENG275H5, ENG307H5, ENG318H5, ENG339H5, ENG368H5, ENG369H5

Fine Art History: FAH435H5

French: FRE391H5

Geography: GGR313H5

History: HIS255H5, HIS355H5, HIS308H5, HIS310H5, HIS326H5, HIS374H5, HIS386H5, HIS441H5, HIS454H5

History of Religions: RLG314H5, RLG449H5, RLG462H5

Italian: ITA218H5, ITA392H5

Linguistics: JAL355H5

Philosophy: PHL243H5, PHL267H5, PHL367H5

Political Science: POL368Y5

Psychology: PSY317H5, PSY354H5

Sociology: SOC219H5, SOC275H5, SOC347H5, SOC352H5, SOC359H5, SOC362H5, SOC380H5, SOC413H5, SOC425H5.