Earth Science - Minor (Science)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is based on completion of 4.0 credits including ERS101H5 or ERS111H5 or ENV100Y5 (A minimum grade of 60% in one of these courses is required.)

4.0-4.5 credits are required.

First Year: ERS101H5 or ERS111H5 or ENV100Y5

Higher Years:
1. 1.5 credits from ERS201H5 or ERS202H5 or ERS203H5 or ERS211H5 or ERS225H5
2. 2.0 credits of Earth Science (ERS) from: ERS301H5 or ERS302H5 or ERS303H5 or ERS304H5 or ERS311H5 or ERS312H5 or ERS315H5 or ERS325H5 or ERS381H5 or ERS401H5 or ERS402H5 or ERS403H5 or ERS404H5 or ERS411H5 or ERS412H5 or JGE378H5 or PHY351H5