Comparative Physiology - Specialist (Science)

Enrolment in this program is limited. Students wishing to enrol at the end of the first year (4.0 credits) must obtain a grade of at least 63% in both CHM110H5 and CHM120H5 and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 to qualify. Students who do not meet these criteria can apply to enter the Specialist at the end of second year (8.0 credits) with the following new criteria: a grade of at least 70% in both BIO202H5 and BIO203H5 and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50. All students (including transfer students) must complete 4.0 UTM credits before requesting this program.

Note: CGPA for enrolment in this program is calculated based on a minimum of 4.0 credits completed at UTM with final percentage grades (i.e. CR/ NCR courses are not applicable).

14.5 credits are required, including at least 5.0 credits at the 300/400 level, of which 1.0 credit must be at the 400 level.

First Year:

  1. BIO152H5 and BIO153H5
  2. CHM110H5 and CHM120H5
  3. ( MAT132H5 and MAT134H5) or ( MAT135H5 and MAT136H5) or ( MAT137H5 and MAT139H5) or MAT137Y5
  4. 1.0 credit from CLA201H5 or ENV100Y5 or ERS101H5 or PHY136H5 or PHY137H5 or PSY100Y5 or WRI173H5 or WRI307H5

Note: ( MAT132H5 and MAT134H5) - Calculus for Life Sciences is highly recommended.

Second Year:

  1. BIO202H5 and BIO203H5 and BIO205H5 and BIO206H5 and BIO207H5 and BIO208H5 and BIO209H5 and BIO259H5

Third and Fourth Years:

  1. BIO304H5 and BIO310H5 and BIO312H5 and BIO360H5 and BIO409H5;
  2. CHM242H5 and CHM243H5
  3. At least 2.0 credits from: BIO320H5 or BIO347H5 or BIO353H5 or BIO354H5 or BIO361H5 or BIO368H5 or BIO372H5 or BIO404H5 or BIO408H5 or BIO410H5 or BIO411H5 or BIO412H5 or BIO414H5 or BIO417H5 or BIO419H5 or BIO422H5 or BIO429H5 or BIO481Y5 or CHM361H5 or CHM362H5 or JCB487Y5 or PHY332H5 or PHY333H5 or PSY290H5 or PSY395H5
  4. 1.0 additional BIO credit taken at U of T Mississauga campus

No substitute statistics course will be allowed for BIO360H5. Students may take no more than 2.0 credits combined in ROP, Internship Program, or Individual Project / Thesis courses at the 300/400-level for credit toward their Biology program. Students must consult with the Undergraduate Advisor before enrolling in any St. George course that they wish to use for credit toward any Biology program.