Geology - Specialist (Science)

Admissions to the Geology Specialist are administratively suspended as of 2019-2020. Students currently enrolled in the program will be allowed to continue.

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is based on completion of 4.0 credits including ( ERS101H5 and ERS111H5) or ENV100Y5 (with a minimum grade of 60%).

14.0 credits are required.

First Year:
1. ( ERS101H5 and ERS111H5) or ENV100Y5
2. CHM110H5 and CHM120H5
3. ( MAT132H5 and MAT134H5) or (MATH135H5 and MAT136H5) or MAT134Y5 or MAT135Y5 or MAT137Y5
4. ( PHY136H5 and PHY137H5) or ( PHY146H5 and PHY147H5)

Second Year:
1. ERS201H5 and ERS202H5 and ERS203H5 and ERS211H5
2. 0.5 credit from ERS225H5 or GGR217H5 or GGR214H5 or BIO356H5 or ESS261H1
3. 0.5 credit from CHM211H5 or CHM231H5 or ESS211H1 or JCP221H5
4. 1.0 credit from MAT212H5 or MAT223H5 or STA220H5 or STA221H5

Third Year:
1. ERS325H5
2. 2.5 credits from ERS301H5 or ERS302H5 or ERS303H5 or ERS304H5 or ERS311H5 or ERS312H5 or ERS315H5 or ESS312H1/​ or ESS322H1 or ESS345H1

Fourth Year:
1. ESS420H1
2. 2.5 credits from 400 level courses in ERS or ESS (St. George) or ( JCB487Y5 or ERI398H5 or CPS400Y5)

NOTE: MAT212H5 has the following requirements: Prerequisite - MAT233H5 or ( MAT232H5 or MAT257Y5 as a corequisite); and Corequisite - MAT223H5 or MAT240H5.