Criminology, Law & Society - Specialist (Arts)

Enrolment Requirements:

Limited Enrolment — Space in the Specialist Program in Criminology, Law & Society is limited. To be considered for enrolment, students must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Registration Status: Current enrolment in the Criminology, Law & Society Major program.
  2. Credits: A minimum of 8.0 credits.
  3. Prerequisite Courses: ( SOC109H5 or SOC209H5) and SOC205H5 and SOC221H5 and SOC222H5 and SOC231H5 with a minimum average of 73% across all courses. SOC209H5 will be accepted in place of SOC109H5 with no grade requirement and excluded from the calculation of minimum average of 73% across all courses.
  4. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): The Department of Sociology determines the minimum CGPA annually in relation to the number of applicants. It is never below 2.00.


  1. Students who have taken SOC209H5 will use this credit in lieu of SOC109H5. No specific grade in SOC209H5 is required. The achieved grade in SOC209H5 will be included in the CGPA calculation used to determine admission eligibility.
  2. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. 
Completion Requirements:

10.0 credits are required, including 5.0 credits at the 300/400 level

First Year:

Higher Years:

Note: The credits used to satisfy the bulleted requirements listed above must include 3.0 credits at the 300/400 level.

Group A - Criminology, Law & Society Courses:

SOC206H5, SOC208H5, SOC210H5, SOC211H5, SOC216H5, SOC219H5, SOC301H5, SOC303H5, SOC306H5, SOC310H5, SOC311H5, SOC312H5, SOC316H5, SOC320H5, SOC321H5, SOC322H5, SOC323H5, SOC324H5, SOC325H5, SOC326H5, SOC327H5, SOC328H5, SOC329H5, SOC330H5, SOC331H5, SOC333H5, SOC337H5, SOC338H5, SOC339H5, SOC346H5, SOC351H5, SOC353H5, SOC357H5, SOC358H5, SOC363H5, SOC365H5, SOC366H5, SOC371H5, SOC378H5, SOC379H5, SOC382H5, SOC393H5, SOC394H5, SOC401H5, SOC403H5, SOC405H5, SOC406H5, SOC420H5, SOC421H5, SOC423H5, SOC424H5, SOC429H5, SOC432H5, SOC446H5, SOC447H5, SOC448H5, SOC450H5, SOC456H5, SOC475H5, SOC493H5, SOC494H5

Group B - Interdisciplinary Elective Courses:

ANT205H5, ANT209H5, ANT217H5, ANT306H5, ANT352H5, ANT354H5, ANT369H5, ANT439H5, FSC220H5, FSC239Y5, FSC271H5, FSC360H5, FSC406H5, PHL246H5, PHL265H5, PHL271H5, PHL274H5, PHL275H5, PHL277Y5, PHL365H5, PHL370H5, PHL374H5, PHL376H5 POL209H5, POL210H5, POL215H5, POL216H5, POL310Y5, POL340Y5, POL343Y5 PSY220H5, PSY230H5, PSY240H5, PSY270H5, PSY328H5, PSY340H5, PSY341H5, PSY344H5, PSY346H5, PSY440H5, SOC253H5, SOC263H5, SOC275H5, SOC302H5, SOC318H5, SOC332H5, SOC342H5, SOC348H5, SOC359H5, SOC364H5, SOC375H5, SOC380H5, SOC388H5, SOC425H5, SOC455H5, SOC457H5, SOC460H5, SOC463H5, WGS215H5, WGS350H5, WGS351H5, WGS365H5, WGS373H5, WGS420H5

Group C - Enrichment Courses: SOC230H5, SOC299H5, SOC299Y5, SOC382H5, SOC399H5, SOC399Y5, SOC401H5, SOC403H5, SOC406H5, SOC410H5, SOC411H5, SOC412H5, SOC413H5, SOC414H5, SOC415H5, SOC416H5, SOC417H5, SOC418H5, SOC419H5, SOC420H5, SOC421H5, SOC423H5, SOC439Y5, SOC450H5, SOC452H5, SOC456H5, SOC467H5, SOC480Y5, SOC485H5, SOC499H5, SOC499Y5

POSt Code