French and Italian - Specialist (Arts)

Admissions to the French and Italian Specialist Program (ERSPE0815) are administratively suspended as of 2017-2018. Students currently enrolled in the program will be allowed to continue.

Limited Enrolment – Final grade of 63% in FRE180H5 and FRE181H5 (or equivalent) is required.

14.0 credits are required. The program must include a minimum of 4.0 300/400 level credits (2.0 in French and 2.0 in Italian) and 1.0 credit at the 400 level (either in French or in Italian).

7.0 credits are required.

First Year: FRE180H5 and FRE181H5 (minimum grade of 63% is required) or equivalent. Students exempted from these courses may replace them with a higher level 1.0 credit in FRE.

Higher Years:
1. FRE240Y5 (or FRE240H5 and FRE241H5)
2. FRE280Y5, FRE382H5, FRE383H5
3. 1.0 credit from French Linguistics
4. 1.0 credit from French Literary and Cultural Studies
5. 1.0 additional credit in French linguistics or literature

Course Categories:
French Linguistics: FRE372H5, FRE373H5, 376H5, 378H5, 387H5, 474H5, 476H5, 489H5
French Literary and Cultural Studies: FRE312H5, FRE316H5, FRE317H5, FRE319H5; FRE320H5, FRE356H5, FRE357H5; FRE363H5, FRE364H5, FRE365H5, FRE367H5, FRE368H5, FRE369H5; FRE391H5, FRE393H5, FRE397H5; FRE445H5, FRE446H5, FRE474H5
Language Teaching & Learning: FRE325H5, FRE345H5, FRE352H5, FRE353H5, FRE355H5, FRE474H5, LTL380H5, LTL417H5, LTL456H5, LTL486H5, LTL488H5

7.0 credits are required. Written work will be done in Italian in all courses.
1. ITA200Y5
2. ITA350Y5
3. 1.0 credit from ITA237H5, 239H5, 354Y5
4. ITA231H5/​ ITA232H5, ITA420Y5
5. 2.0 additional credits in ITA, excluding ITA100Y5/​101H5/ 102H5. Courses not used in #1 above may be used. At least 1.0 credit must be in Italian literature (excluding those in item #2 above).