Psychology - Specialist (Science)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is limited to students who have:

  1. completed Gr. 12(4U) Biology and Advanced Functions or equivalent;
  2. completed 8.0 credits;
  3. completed PSY201H5 and PSY202H5 (or equivalent) and at least 1.5 credits in 200-level PSY courses with a minimum average of 77% across the 2.5 credits; and
  4. a minimum CGPA of 3.0.

Students who do not meet these requirements and/or students who apply after third year must have a psychology average of at least 77% (based on a minimum of PSY201H5 and PSY202H5 and the next most recent 1.5 credits completed in psychology) as well as an AGPA of at least 3.0. These requirements are based on all courses taken during students' most recent academic year (including Summer, when applicable).

Please see the Psychology Department website ( for full enrolment requirement details.

10.0-10.5 credits in Psychology are required.

First Year: PSY100Y5

Second Year:

  1. PSY201H5 and PSY202H5 (or equivalent)
  2. PSY210H5 and PSY290H5
  3. PSY270H5 or PSY280H5 or JLP285H5
  4. PSY220H5 or PSY230H5 or PSY240H5
  5. 0.5 additional PSY credit at the 200-level

Third Year:

  1. PSY309H5
  2. One laboratory course from the following: PSY319H5 or PSY329H5 or PSY368H5 or PSY369H5 or PSY379H5 or PSY389H5
  3. 3.0 credits from the following courses (with a min. 0.5 credits from each grouping):
    1. Biological Bases of Behaviour: PSY318H5, PSY346H5, PSY351H5, PSY352H5, PSY353H5, PSY354H5, PSY355H5, PSY362H5, PSY372H5, PSY391H5, PSY392H5, PSY393H5, PSY395H5, PSY397H5, PSY398H5; BIO304H5, BIO310H5, BIO318Y5, BIO328H5
    2. Perception/Cognition/Communication: PSY312H5, PSY316H5, PSY362H5, PSY371H5, PSY372H5, PSY385H5, PSY387H5, PSY393H5, PSY397H5, JLP315H5, JLP383H5, JLP384H5, JLP388H5
    3. Developmental/Abnormal/Social/Personality: PSY310H5, PSY311H5, PSY312H5, PSY313H5, PSY314H5, PSY316H5, PSY317H5, PSY318H5, PSY320H5, PSY321H5, PSY324H5, PSY325H5, PSY327H5, PSY328H5, PSY330H5, PSY331H5, PSY333H5, PSY340H5, PSY341H5, PSY343H5, PSY344H5, PSY345H5, PSY346H5, PSY353H5, JLP315H5

Fourth Year:

  1. PSY400Y5 or PSY401H5 or PSY403H5 or PSY404H5 or PSY405H5 or PSY406H5 or PSY499H5 or PSY499Y5
  2. 1.0 credit from the following courses: PSY402H5 or PSY410H5 or PSY415H5 or PSY420H5 or PSY424H5 or PSY430H5 or PSY435H5 or PSY440H5 or PSY442Y5 or PSY471H5 or PSY480H5 or PSY490H5 or PSY495H5 or JLP481H5 or JLP483H5 or BIO403H5 or BIO407H5 or STA441H5

NOTE: A single course can be used to satisfy only one Psychology program requirement.