Exceptionality in Human Learning - Specialist (Science)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment is limited to students who have:

1. completed Gr. 12(4U) Biology and Advanced Functions or equivalent;
2. completed 8.0 credits;
3. completed PSY201H5 (or equivalent), PSY210H5, PSY240H5 and at least 1.0 credit of 200-level ANT/BIO/SOC courses with a minimum average of 75% across the 2.5 credits; and
4. a minimum CGPA of 2.70.

Students who do not meet these requirements and/or students who apply after third year must have a psychology average of at least 75% (based on a minimum of PSY201H5 and the next most recent 1.5 credits completed in psychology) as well as an AGPA of at least 2.7. These requirements are based on all courses taken during students' most recent academic year (including Summer, when applicable).

13.0-15.0 credits are required, including at least 5.0 300/400-level credits of which 1.5 must be at the 400-level.

First Year: PSY100Y5 and ( ANT101H5 and ANT102H5) or ( BIO152H5 and BIO153H5) or 1.0 credit from the following courses ( BIO202H5 or BIO205H5 or BIO206H5 or BIO207H5 or SOC100H5)

Second Year:

  1. PSY201H5 or ECO220Y5 or ECO227Y5 or SOC350H5 or STA218H5 or STA220H5
  2. PSY210H5 and PSY240H5
  3. 0.5 credit from the following: PSY202H5 (or equivalent) or PSY270H5 or PSY280H5 or PSY290H5 or JLP285H5

Higher Years:

  1. 3.0 credits from the following: PSY310H5 or PSY311H5 or PSY312H5 or PSY313H5 or PSY314H5 or PSY316H5 or PSY317H5 or PSY318H5 or PSY319H5 or PSY321H5 or PSY325H5 or PSY330H5 or PSY331H5 or PSY333H5 or PSY340H5 or PSY341H5 or PSY343H5 or PSY344H5 or PSY346H5 or PSY353H5 or PSY385H5 or PSY391H5 or PSY392H5 or PSY393H5 or JLP315H5 or JLP383H5 or JLP384H5 or JLP388H5
  2. PSY442Y5 and at least 0.5 credit from the following: PSY400Y5 or PSY401H5 or PSY403H5 or PSY404H5 or PSY405H5 or PSY406H5 or PSY410H5 or PSY415H5 or PSY440H5 or PSY474H5 or PSY495H5 or PSY499H5 or PSY499Y5 or JLP481H5 or JLP483H5
  3. One of the following:
    1. 2.0 credits from: ANT202H5 or ANT203H5 or ANT204H5 or ANT205H5 or ANT206H5 or ANT207H5 or ANT211H5 or ANT212H5 or ANT214H5 or ANT215H5 or ANT220H5 or ANT241H5 or ANT306H5 or ANT322H5 or ANT331H5 or ANT332H5 or ANT333H5 or ANT334H5 or ANT335H5 or ANT337H5 or ANT338H5 or ANT341H5 or ANT350H5 or ANT352H5 or ANT362H5 or ANT364H5 or ANT365H5 or ANT401H5 or ANT403H5 or ANT434H5 or ANT437H5 or ANT460H5 or ANT461H5 or ANT462H5
    2. 2.5 credits from: SOC205H5 or SOC209H5 or SOC211H5 or SOC216H5 or SOC219H5 or SOC224H5 or SOC227H5 or SOC240H5 or SOC244H5 or SOC263H5 or SOC275H5 or SOC304H5 or SOC307H5 or SOC310H5 or SOC316H5 or SOC323H5 or SOC332H5 or SOC333H5 or SOC341H5 or SOC352H5 or SOC356H5 or SOC359H5 or SOC371H5 or SOC375H5 or SOC380H5 or SOC456H5 or SOC457H5
    3. 2.0 credits from: BIO202H5 or BIO205H5 or BIO206H5 or BIO207H5 or BIO210Y5 or BIO315H5 or BIO341H5 or BIO370Y5 or BIO371H5 or BIO372H5 or BIO375H5 or BIO380H5 or BIO403H5 or BIO407H5 or BIO434H5 or BIO443H5 or BIO476H5 or BIO477H5 or ANT202H5 or ANT203H5 or ANT331H5 or ANT332H5 or ANT333H5 or ANT334H5
  4. 2.5 additional credits to be selected from the following (no more than 1.0 credit from any one discipline):
    ANT - Any course in 3(a) not counted previously
    SOC - Any course in 3(b) not counted previously
    BIO - Any course in 3(c) not counted previously
    CHM - CHM242H5 or CHM243H5 or CHM341H5 or CHM345H5 or CHM347H5 or CHM361H5 or CHM362H5
    ENG - ENG234H5 or ENG384H5
    FRE - FRE227Y5 or FRE355H5
    HIS - HIS310H5 or HIS326Y5 or HIS338H5
    LIN - LIN101H5 or LIN102H5 or LIN256H5 or LIN358H5 or LIN380H5 or JLP285H5
    JAL - JAL253H5 or JAL355H5
    PHL - PHL243H5 or PHL244H5 or PHL255H5 or PHL267H5 or PHL271H5 or PHL272H5 or PHL274H5 or PHL277Y5 or PHL282H5 or PHL283H5 or PHL290H5 or PHL350H5 or PHL355H5 or PHL357H5 or PHL358H5 or PHL367H5 or PHL370H5 or PHL374H5 or PHL376H5
    RLG - RLG314H5
    WGS - Any course

Students intending to complete Biology courses to satisfy Exceptionality in Human Learning - Specialist requirements, should thoroughly review Biology prerequisite requirements prior to enrolment to determine eligibility.