Neuroscience - Specialist (Science)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment is limited to students who have:

  1. completed 8.0 credits;
  2. successfully completed PSY100Y5, BIO152H5, BIO153H5, CHM110H5, CHM120H5 and ( MAT132H5, MAT134H5) / ( MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/ MAT135Y5/​ MAT137Y5 (or equivalent);
  3. completed PSY201H5, PSY202H5 (or equivalent), PSY290H5, and at least 0.5 credit from: BIO202H5/​ BIO205H5/​ BIO206H5/​ BIO207H5/​ PSY210H5/​ PSY270H5/​ PSY274H5/​ PSY280H5 with a minimum average of 77%; and
  4. a minimum AGPA of 3.0.

Students who do not meet these requirements and/or students who apply after third year must have a psychology and biology average of at least 77% (based on a minimum of PSY201H5, PSY202H5, and the next most recent 1.5 credits completed in psychology and biology courses listed in the Neuroscience Specialist program) as well as an AGPA of at least 3.0. These requirements are based on all courses taken during students' most recent academic year (including Summer, when applicable).

11.5-12.0 credits are required, including at least 3.0 credits at the 300/400 level and 1.0 credit at the 400 level.

First Year: PSY100Y5; BIO152H5, BIO153H5; CHM110H5, CHM120H5; ( MAT132H5, MAT134H5) / ( MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/ (or equivalent)

Second Year:

  1. ( PSY201H5, PSY202H5)/ ( STA220H5, STA221H5)/ ( BIO259H5, BIO360H5) or equivalent
  2. BIO202H5; BIO206H5; BIO207H5; PSY290H5
  3. one of the following: PSY210H5, PSY270H5, PSY280H5, JLP285H5

Third Year: 1.0 credit from each of the following three areas:

  1. Behavioural Neuroscience area: BIO318Y5, BIO320H5, BIO328H5, PSY316H5, PSY318H5, PSY346H5, PSY352H5, PSY353H5, PSY354H5, PSY355H5, PSY368H5, PSY369H5, PSY385H5, PSY389H5, PSY391H5, PSY392H5, PSY393H5, PSY395H5, PSY397H5, PSY398H5
  2. Molecular/Cellular Biology area: BIO314H5, BIO315H5, BIO341H5, BIO347H5, BIO372H5, BIO407H5, BIO476H5, PSY355H5, PSY392H5
  3. Neurobiology area: BIO304H5, BIO310H5, BIO380H5, BIO404H5, BIO409H5, PSY318H5, PSY346H5, PSY369H5, PSY393H5, PSY397H5

Fourth Year:

  1. One seminar from the following: BIO403H5, BIO404H5, BIO406H5, BIO407H5, BIO408H5, PSY471H5, PSY480H5, PSY490H5, PSY495H5
  2. One thesis/ research project from the following: BIO481Y5, PSY400Y5, PSY401H5, PSY403H5/​ PSY404H5/​ PSY405H5/​ PSY406H5, PSY499H5/​ PSY499Y5


1. Students intending to pursue the Neuroscience Specialist program should be aware of minimum grade prerequisite requirements for entry to BIO152H5 (minimum grade of 70% in Grade 12 SBI4U) and CHM110H5 (minimum grade of 70% in Grade 12 SCH4U)

2. In second year, students are encouraged to consider taking the following courses depending on their planned course of study:

  • BIO202H5 - required for several courses in the Neurobiology area.
  • PSY210H5 - required for several courses in the Behavioural Neuroscience area.

3. Students interested in taking PSY400Y5 in their last year are advised to take PSY309H5 in their third year.