Italian - Specialist (Arts)

Enrolment Requirements:

Limited Enrolment — Completion of 4.0 credits and ITA100Y5 is required.

Completion Requirements:

10.0 credits are required including at least 3.0 300/400 level full courses and 1.0 400 level credit.

  1. ITA100Y5/​ ITA101Y5, ITA200Y5/​ ITA201Y5, ITA350H5, ITA420H5, ITA421H5, ITA437Y5
  2. ITA351H5 or ITA352H5 or ITA450H5
  3. 1.5 credits in Italian Cinema.
  4. 1.0 credit in Italian Culture; Literature (excluding those listed above).
  5. 1.0 credit in Italian Experiential Learning; Directed Research.
  6. 0.5 credit in Italian Language; Linguistics; Teaching and Learning (excluding those listed above).
  7. 1.0 credit in any of the Italian course categories (excluding those listed above).


Italian Cinema - ITA242H5; ITA246H5; ITA247H5; ITA307H5; ITA309H5; ITA311H5; ITA313H5; ITA342H5; ITA343H5

Italian Culture; Literature - ITA103H5; ITA219Y5; ITA221H5; ITA222H5; ITA231H5; ITA232H5; ITA235H5; ITA255Y5; ITA237H5; ITA238H5; ITA307H5; ITA315Y5; ITA370Y5; ITA390H5; ITA391H5; ITA392H5; ITA413Y5; ITA420Y5; ITA436Y5

Italian Experiential Learning - ITA388H5; ITA315Y5; ITA400Y5; ITA413Y5

Italian Language Practice - ITA100Y5; ITA101Y5; ITA102H5; ITA200Y5; ITA201Y5; ITA350Y5; ITA351H5; ITA352H5; ITA450H5

Italian Linguistics; Teaching and Learning - ITA227H5; ITA272H5; ITA373H5; ITA374H5; ITA375H5; ITA376H5; ITA451H5; ITA437Y5

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