CCT410H5 • CCIT Internship I

This course is a practical internship and is available only upon application from students registered in the CCIT/DEM/TCS programs. Through a placement, students will apply the expertise in communication, culture, and information technology that they have gained through previous courses. Students must plan well in advance for the placement and work closely with the placement officer for CCIT to determine eligibility and suitability. A report and presentation will be required at the end of the placement. These, along with the employer's assessment, will provide the main part of the course mark.

Completion of 13.0 credits with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 and approval of the internship coordinator/instructor, and evidence of additional career development (e.g. workshops, networking events, and professional communication with faculty, librarians, staff, and peers).
Social Science
In Class
Online (Summer only)
Communication, Culture, Information and Technology