CPS489Y5 • Introduction to Research in the Chemical and Physical Sciences

Students will work toward the completion of an experimental or theoretical research project in an area of study within the chemical and physical sciences, namely, astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences or physics. Projects will be based on current trends in research and students will work to complete their projects with guidance provided by a team of facilitators and faculty advisors consisting of course coordinators and a researcher from the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences. In addition to the rigorous development of research skills, the course will also provide students with training and practical experience in project management techniques and practical research, literary and communications skills development. CPS489Y5 requires submitting an application to the department Application forms may be found at http://uoft.me/cpsforms. Applications should be submitted to the CPS Undergraduate Assistant.

(2.0 credits at the 300 level from BIO or CHM or JBC or JCP or ERS or ESS or PHY) and (1.0 credit from BIO206H5 or BIO314H5 or CHM372H5 or CHM373H5 or CHM394H5 or CHM395H5 or CHM396H5 or CHM397H5 or ERS201H5 or ERS202H5 or PHY324H5 or PHY347H5 or JCP321H5 or JCP322H5 or PHY325H5 or PHY332H5 or PHY333H5 or PHY343H5 or PHY351H5)
University-Based Experience
In Class
Earth Science