DRE363H5 • Workshop in Playwriting

This course is a continued exploration in writing for the stage for students who have already written one act or solo plays. Participant playwrights will complete a full-length play, incorporate complex structures and anti-structure, and advance their voices and skills as playwrights. The class will workshop scenes and prepare staged readings of participant work. A major focus of this course will be processes of development and revision while working with directors, actors, dramaturgs, and other collaborators.

A minimum of 4.0 credits, including (DRE121H5 or ENG121H5) and (DRE122H5  or ENG122H5) and DRE362H5 and permission of instructor. A portfolio submission may be required at the instructor’s discretion, contact the undergraduate advisor for portfolio requirements and submission deadlines.
In Class
Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies