ECO466H5 • Empirical Macroeconomics and Policy

Students will increase their data literacy and learn how to apply techniques to address policy issues. The topics covered will include the practical design of monetary policy, the rationale for current monetary policy in Canada, and statistical methods for predicting key macroeconomic variables. As part of the course, students will follow current global issues and will forecast how domestic and international events may alter the Bank of Canada's monetary policy in the short run. Students will team-up with their classmates, discuss their individual forecasts, and select one for a group presentation. Traditionally, at the end of the course, a team from ECO466H5 is chosen to compete in the Bank of Canada Governor’s Challenge.

ECO325H5 and [ECO220Y5 or ECO227Y5 or (1.0 credit from STA256H5, STA258H5, STA260H5)] or Permission of Instructor/Department.
ECO402H5 Special Topics: Empirical Macroeconomics and Policy (20199)
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