ERS499Y5 • Research Opportunity Program

This course provides a richly rewarding opportunity for a fourth or higher year students to work on the research project of a professor in Earth Science in return for 499Y5 course credit. Students enrolled have an opportunity to become involved in original research, enhance their research skills and share in the excitement and discovery of acquiring new knowledge. Participating faculty members post their project description for the following summer and fall/winter session on the ROP website in mid-February and students are invited to apply at that time. See Experiential and International Opportunities for more details.

Any 2.0 credits from the ERS300 level or ESS300(G) level and a 75% average in the last five courses taken.
ERS471H5 or ERS472H5 or ESS491H1 or ESS492Y1 or EESDO9H3 or EESD10Y3
University-Based Experience
In Class
Earth Science