Certificate in Global Perspectives


The Certificate in Global Perspectives will provide students the opportunity to examine issues from different cultural, economic and socio-political perspectives, and provide an
interdisciplinary or disciplinary global lens through which to interpret and evaluate our interconnected world.

Enrolment in the Certificate in Global Perspectives is open to all students completing programs at UTM. To complete the Certificate, a student must complete 2.0 credits, with 1.0 credit taken from a single region (the Americas, Asia, Africa & the Middle East, Europe) defined in the Area Studies group of courses and 1.0 credit from the Global Perspectives group of courses. Students will complete the certificate within their degree credit requirements. Upon completion "Certificate in Global Perspectives (U of T Global Scholar)" will be recorded on the academic transcript as a component of the undergraduate degree. Students who complete the requirements of the Certificate in Global Perspectives are considered University of Toronto Global Scholars. Students will not receive a separate parchment at Convocation.

Enrolment Requirements:

Enrolment in the Certificate in Global Perspectives is open to all students completing programs at UTM.

Completion Requirements:

2.0 credits are required.

  1. 1.0 credit to be chosen from the following Global Perspective group of courses:
    ANT102H5, ANT206H5, ANT207H5, ANT208H5, ANT209H5, ANT215H5, ANT217H5, ANT322H5, ANT335H5, ANT350H5, ANT351H5, ANT352H5, ANT354H5, ANT357H5, ANT360H5, ANT362H5, ANT365H5, ANT368H5, ANT369H5, ANT370H5, ANT462H5, ANT463H5, ANT464H5, CIN303H5, CIN308H5, CIN207H5, CIN208H5, CIN305H5, DRE121H5, DTS201H5, DTS202H5, ECO302H5, ECO303H5, ECO435H5, EDS220H5, EDS310H5, ENV205H5, ERS111H5, FAH343H5, FAH356H5, FAH282H5, FAH281H5, FAH215H5, FAH216H5, FAH274H5, FAH279H5, FAH287H5, FAH385H5, GGR207H5, GGR208H5, GGR214H5, GGR288H5, GGR287H5, GGR377H5, JAL355H5, JGE378H5, LIN233H5, LIN357H5, LIN486H5, POL114H5, POL218Y5, POL327Y5, POL340Y5, POL303Y5, SOC202H5, SOC206H5, SOC236H5, SOC253H5, SOC304H5, SOC322H5, SOC327H5, SOC335H5, SOC343H5, SOC349H5, SOC354H5, SOC375H5, SOC382H5, SOC403H5, SOC417H5, SOC425H5, SOC432H5, SOC454H5, SOC465H5, SOC485H5, VCC306H5.
  2. 1.0 credit to be chosen from only ONE of the following Area Studies groups:

    Africa & Middle East - ARA210H5, CIN208H5, ENG270Y5, FAH281H5, FRE391H5, FRE397H5, HIS201H5, HIS295H5, HIS323H5, HIS325H5, HIS384H5, HIS203H5, RLG204H5.

    Americas - ANT241H5, ANT317H5, EDS250H5, ENG274H5, ENG250Y5, FAH282H5, FRE241H5, FRE361H5, HIS263Y5, HIS367H5, HIS370H5, HIS390H5, HIS393H5, POL111H5, POL203Y5, POL214H5, POL355Y5, RLG209H5, SPA235H5, SPA275H5, VCC236H5, WGS335H5.

    Asia - ANT313H5, ANT316H5, CHI308H5, CIN207H5, CIN215H5, CIN305H5, ECO435H5, FAH385H5, GGR267H5, HIS282H5, HIS283H5, HIS284H5, HIS378H5, HIS387H5, POL304Y5, RLG205H5, RLG360H5, RLG310H5, RLG207H5, RLG210H5, VCC360H5, WGS345H5.

    Europe - CLA231H5, CLA230H5, FAH215H5, FAH216H5, FAH274H5, FAH279H5, FAH287H5, FRE240H5, HIS230H5, HIS236H5, HIS250H5, HIS338H5, HIS339H5, ITA246H5, ITA307H5, LIN369H5.
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