CCIT - Major (Arts)

Communication, Culture Information & Technology (CCIT) is an undergraduate interdisciplinary major program, the curriculum for which provides students with a foundation in the analysis, evaluation and interpretation of communication and digital media using appropriate methodologies. CCIT provides students the opportunity to design a range of communication media and digital artifacts suitable for collaboration, communication, learning, and exploration.

Limited Enrolment — Admission is based on academic performance (CGPA) in a minimum of 4.0 credits that must include a minimum grade of 65% in each of CCT109H5 and CCT110H5. Each year the ICCIT program sets a minimum required CGPA. This will vary from year to year and is based, in part, on supply and demand. All students (including transfer students) must complete 4.0 U of T credits before requesting this program.

Courses with a grade of CR/NCR will not count as part of the 4.0 credits required for program entry. Tuition fees for students enrolling in the CCIT Major program will be higher than for other Arts and Science programs.

8.0 credits are required including at least 4.0 at the 300/400 level. Program must be taken in combination with another major or two minors.

First Year: (1.0 credit required)

CCT109H5 and CCT110H5

Second Year: (3.0 credits required)

  1. CCT204H5 and CCT208H5 and CCT218H5
  2. 0.5 credit from CCT200H5 or CCT206H5 or CCT210H5 or CCT222H5
  3. 0.5 credit from CCT205H5 or CCT212H5 or CCT260H5
  4. 0.5 credit from any 200-level CCT course

Higher Years: (4.0 credits required)

Minimum of 4.0 credits from any 300/400 level CCT/VCC courses, of which 1.0 credit must be at the 400 level.


  1. All 200-level and higher CCT courses are restricted to students in CCIT programs.
  2. Students may take a maximum of 2.0 credits of VCC courses.
  3. Students accepted into the CCT major prior to 2022 are still eligible to complete the Sheridan Certificate until 2024.