French Studies - Major (Arts)

Limited Enrolment — 63% required in FRE180H5 and FRE181H5 or equivalent.

8.0 credits are required, of which 0.5 credit must be a 400-level FRE linguistics/literature course.

First Year: FRE180H5, FRE181H5 (or equivalent). Students exempted from these courses must replace them with a higher level 1.0 credit in FRE.

Second Year: FRE240H5, FRE272H5, FRE282H5, FRE283H5

Third and Fourth Years:

  1. FRE382H5 and FRE380H5/​ FRE383H5/​ FRE442H5

  2. 4.0 credits to be completed in ONE area of concentration (French Linguistics or French & Francophone Literary and Cultural Studies)

    Course Categories
  1. French Linguistics: FRE325H5, FRE355H5, FRE376H5, FRE377H5, FRE378H5, FRE384H5, FRE385H5, FRE387H5, FRE389H5, FRE399H5, FRE399Y5, FRE487H5, FRE488H5, FRE489H5, FRE490Y5, FRE491H5, FRE492H5, JFL369H5, JFL388H5, JFL389H5, JFL454H5.
  2. French & Francophone Literary and Cultural Studies: FRE312H5, FRE316H5, FRE342H5, FRE343H5, FRE356H5, FRE363H5, FRE364H5, FRE367H5, FRE369H5, FRE370H5, FRE391H5, FRE393H5, FRE395H5, FRE397H5, FRE398H5, FRE399H5, FRE399Y5, FRE440H5, FRE445H5, FRE446H5, FRE482H5, FRE490Y5, FRE491H5, FRE492H5.
  1. Students cannot be enrolled simultaneously in more than one French program (French Studies - Specialist, French Studies - Major, Language Teaching and Learning: French - Major, French Studies - Minor, Functional French - Minor)
  2. Courses with an FSL designator cannot be counted towards a Major or Specialist program in French Studies.
  3. No more than 1.0 credit in FRE taught in English (such as FRE342H5, JFL369H5, JFL388H5, JFL389H5, JFL454H5) can be counted towards a Major program in French.