Professional Writing and Communication - Major (Arts)

Professional Writing and Communication (PWC) program aims to produce critical thinkers and flexible, reflective writers and editors who apply their knowledge of language across a range of academic disciplines and professional practices. PWC students transform complex ideas into engaging and exciting writing for a diversity of audiences across multiple platforms. Through intensive training in writing and editing processes, graduates harness the power of narrative to research, write and publish original work.

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is limited. 4.0 credits are required, including the following:

  1. CCT109H5 (with a minimum grade of 65%);
  2. CCT110H5 (with a minimum grade of 65%);
  3. WRI173H5 (with a minimum grade of 65%); and
  4. A minimum CGPA (see note below).


  1. The minimum CGPA and grade(s) required for program entry are determined annually based on demand. It is, however, never below the stated minimums above.
  2. All students (including transfer students) must complete 4.0 U of T credits before requesting this program.
  3. Courses completed as CR/NCR will not be counted as part of the 4.0 credits required for program entry.

8.0 credits are required.

First Year:

  1. CCT109H5
  2. CCT110H5
  3. WRI173H5 or WRI203H5

Second Year:

  1. WRI273H5 or WRI292H5 or WRI293H5
  2. 0.5 credit from any 200-level WRI course

Higher Years:

5.5 credits from any 300 or 400 level WRI courses, including the options of CCT417H5 or CCT454H5. 0.5 credit must be at the 400-level.