Linguistic Studies - Major (Arts)

Limited Enrolment - Enrolment in the Major program is limited to students who have achieved at least 63% in both LIN101H5 and LIN102H5. Second year entry requirements (for those students who have not met the enrolment requirement in the first year): A minimum grade of 67% in at least two of the following seven courses: LIN228H5, LIN229H5, LIN231H5, LIN232H5, LIN237H5, LIN240H5 LIN256H5, JLP285H5 (formerly LIN288H5).

Students cannot be enrolled simultaneously in the Linguistics Studies Major and the Linguistics Studies Minor programs.

8.5 credits are required.

First Year: LIN101H5 and LIN102H5

Upper Years:

  1. Core requirement:
    (a) LIN228H5, LIN229H5, LIN232H5, ( LIN231H5 or LIN237H5)
    (b) LIN240H5, LIN256H5, JLP285H5 (formerly LIN288H5)
  2. Language requirement: 1.0 credit in a language course. This credit must involve the same language and must be taken either concurrently with LIN101H5 and LIN102H5 or after their completion. The language must be one other than the student's first language; English language courses are excluded.

  3. Upper Year requirements: 1.5 credits total to be chosen from 3 different categories below:

    1. Method and analysis: LIN318H5, LIN374H5, LIN375H5, LIN376H5, LIN411H5, LIN418H5, LIN419H5, LIN475H5, LIN479H5
    2. Phonetics/Phonology: JLP384H5 (formerly LIN327H5), LIN328H5, LIN329H5, LIN421H5
    3. Syntax and Morphology: LIN332H5, LIN476H5
    4. Semantics/Pragmatics: LIN337H5, LIN338H5, LIN441H5
    5. Language teaching, learning, and acquisition: JFL389H5, LIN380H5, JFL454H5, LIN456H5, LIN486H5, LIN487H5
    6. Language contact, and change: LIN357H5, LIN360H5, LIN366H5, JFL369H5 (formerly LIN369H5),  LIN460H5, LIN466H5, LIN469H5

    7. Computational Linguistics: LIN340H5, LIN341H5, LIN447H5
    8. Language acquisition and psycholinguistics: JLP315H5 (formerly PSY315H5), JLP383H5 (formerly PSY374), LIN385H5, JLP388H5 (formerly JFL388H5), JLP481H5, JLP483H5
    9. Sociolinguistics and sociocultural linguistics: JAL351H5, JAL355H5, JAL453H5, LIN458H5

  4. The remaining 1.5 credits to be chosen from those courses not yet taken from the list above, or from the following: LIN299H5 or LIN299Y5, any 300/400 level LIN/JAL/JFL/JLP course, FRE489H5, ITA437H5, ITA451H5, ITA373H5, LTL488H5, SAN392Y5.

Students must have a minimum of 0.5 credits at the 400-level. No more than 1.0 credits outside of LIN/JAL/JFL/JLP offerings (excluding language courses in requirement #2 can be used towards program requirements.

NOTE: No more than 1.5 credits can be double counted towards two programs of study in Linguistics.

No more than 1.0 ROP course credit may count toward requirement 4.