English Language Linguistics - Minor (Arts)

Enrolment Requirements:

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in the Minor program is limited to students who have achieved at least 63% in both LIN101H5 and LIN102H5. Students who do not met the enrolment requirements in their first year can apply for the Minor with a grade of 70% in at least two (2) of the following courses: JAL253H5, LIN208H5, LIN228H5, LIN229H5, LIN231H5, LIN233H5, LIN232H5, LIN237H5, LIN256H5, LIN288H5

Students cannot be enrolled simultaneously in the Linguistic Studies Major program and either the Linguistic Studies or the English Language and Linguistics Minor programs

Completion Requirements:

4.5 credits are required.

First Year: LIN101H5, LIN102H5, LIN204H5, LIN205H5

Upper Years:

  1. 1.5 credits: LIN233H5, LIN208H5, JAL253H5/​ LIN288H5
  2. 1.0 credit at the 300 or 400 level to be selected from the following list: LIN310H5, LIN311H5, LIN325H5, LIN353H5, LIN357H5, LIN372H5, JAL355H5, LIN388H5, JFL389H5, LIN486H5, CHI411H5

NOTE: No more than 1.5 credits can be double counted towards two minor programs of study in Linguistics.

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