South Asian Humanities - Minor (Arts)

4.0 credits, including at least 1.0 credits at the 300/400 level. Students wishing to complete a South Asian Humanities Minor Program must successfully complete 4.0 credits from the courses listed below. These must include courses from two of the following disciplines: History (HIS), History of Religions (RLG) or Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGS) within the Department of Historical Studies, Philosophy (PHL), Political Science (POL), Language Studies (LAN), Visual Studies (VCC, FAH), and Anthropology (ANT).


Students are responsible for checking the co- and prerequisites for all courses.

Anthropology: ANT316H5

Fine Art History: FAH383H5, FAH385H5

Language Studies: HIN311H5, HIN312H5, HIN313H5, HIN411H5, HIN412Y5, PRS210H5, PRS211H5, PRS310H5, PRS311H5, SAN392Y5, URD312Y5

History: HIS382H5, HIS386H5, HIS388H5, HIS389H5 , HIS394H5, HIS448H5, HIS484H5

History of Religions: RLG307H5, RLG308H5, RLG310H5, RLG360H5, RLG361H5 , RLG362H5, RLG365H5, RLG366H5, RLG421H5, RLG422H5, RLG460H5, RLG463H5, RLG464H5, RLG465H5

Philosophy: PHL235H5, PHL311H5

Political Science: POL305H5, POL305Y5, POL446H5

Visual Culture and Communication: VCC406H5

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies: WGS345H5