Diaspora and Transnational Studies - Minor (Arts)

4.0 credits, meeting the following requirements:

First Year:

1. 0.5 credit from CLA101H5 or HIS101H5 or HIS102H5 or HIS103H5 or HIS104H5 or HIS105H5 or HIS106H5 or HIS107H5 or HIS108H5 or RLG101H5 or WGS101H5 or WGS102H5 (Recommended; only 0.5 credits at the 100-level can be used to fulfill program requirements)

Higher Years:

2. DTS201H5 and DTS202H5
3. 2.5 credits from the list of electives below; 1.0 credits must be at the 300+level
4. DTS401H5 (should be taken in the fourth year of study)

Please note: Students may enrol in DTS301H5 and DTS401H5 more than once, providing the topic is different from the one you completed previously.