Computer Science - Minor (Science)

4.0 credits are required.

First Year: CSC108H5 and CSC148H5 and MAT102H5

Second Year:
1. CSC207H5 and CSC236H5
2. One of CSC209H5 or CSC258H5 or CSC263H5

Third and Fourth Years: 1.0 credit from any 300/400 level CSC course (except for CSC392H5 and CSC393H5 and CSC492H5 and CSC493H5) or GGR335H5 or GGR337H5 or GGR437H5. No more than 0.5 credit of GGR courses may count to this requirement.


  1. Students in the CSC minor are limited to 1.5 credits of computer science courses at the 300/ 400-level. Enrolment in additional CSC courses is restricted to students in CSC specialist and major programs.
  2. Only CSC148H5 and MAT102H5, taken at the UTM campus, will be accepted.