Philosophy - Specialist (Arts)

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in the Specialist Program in Philosophy is limited to students who have completed 4.0 credits including 2.0 credits of PHL with a grade of 73% or higher.

10.0 credits in PHL are required, including at least 3.0 credits at the 300 level and at least 1.0 credits at the 400 level.

The program must include:

  1. 3.0 credits in the History of Philosophy from:
    1. PHL200H5 and PHL210Y5
    2. 1.5 additional credits from PHL220H5 or PHL300H5 or PHL301H5 or PHL302H5 or PHL307H5 or PHL310H5 or PHL311H5 or PHL314H5 or PHL315H5 or PHL324H5 or PHL325H5 or PHL327H5 or PHL400H5 or PHL410H5 or PHL420H5
  2. 1.0 credit in Logic and Philosophy of Language from:
    1. PHL245H5
    2. 0.5 additional credit from PHL246H5 or PHL340H5 or PHL345H5 or PHL346H5 or PHL347H5 or PHL348H5 or PHL350H5 or PHL445H5 or PHL447H5 or PHL450H5 or PHL451H5
  3. 1.5 credits in Metaphysics and Epistemology from: PHL332H5 or PHL333H5 or PHL341H5 or PHL342H5 or PHL355H5 or PHL358H5 or PHL360H5 or PHL366H5 or PHL430H5
  4. 1.0 credits in Ethics and Political Philosophy from:
    1. PHL265H5 or PHL275H5
    2. 0.5 additional credit from PHL265H5 or PHL275H5 or PHL365H5 or PHL366H5 or PHL370H5 or PHL374H5 or PHL376H5 or PHL475H5 (courses cannot be double counted)
  5. 3.5 additional credits in PHL
  • Students cannot use more than 1.0 credits from 100-level PHL courses for program completion credit.
  • Students also cannot use PHL204H5 or PHL277Y5 (or in combination with either PHL265H5 or PHL275H5) for program completion credit.
  • Where courses exclude each other, at most one of them may be counted for credit toward philosophy program completion.
  • It is recommended that all students discuss their course selection requirements with the Undergraduate Advisor.
  • All 200-level courses, with the exception of PHL204H5, PHL245H5 and PHL247H5, have the prerequisite that the student has completed at least 4.0 credits at the university. This prerequisite is waived for students who are taking (or have taken) a 100-level course in Philosophy. There are no other prerequisites for any 200-level courses.
  • All 300-level courses, with the exception of PHL344H5, 347H5, have a prerequisite of 1.5 credits in Philosophy. It is strongly recommended that students prepare for 300-level courses by taking two of the following: PHL103H5 or PHL113H5 or PHL200H5 or PHL210Y5 or PHL245H5 or PHL265H5 or PHL275H5. Some 300-level courses have specific prerequisites or recommended preparation, as described in the course descriptions. Students who do not meet the prerequisite for a particular course but believe that they have adequate preparation should consult the Undergraduate Advisor concerning entry to the course.
  • The prerequisite for 400-level courses, except PHL451H5, is 4.5 credits in Philosophy.

When choosing your courses, keep in mind that not all courses listed are offered every year. Some courses required to complete a program might be offered only every other year. For courses offered during the current year, consult the UTM Timetable website.