International Affairs - Specialist (Arts)

Limited Enrolment - enrolment in this program is limited to students who have completed at least 4.0 credits, including:

Students enrolled in this program cannot be simultaneously enrolled in the Economics Specialist program (ERSPE1478) or Economics & Political Specialist program (ERSPE0751).

Within an honours degree, 14.5 credits are required, of which at least 1.0 must be at the 400 level.

1. 7.0 credits are required from the following list:

2. 3.5 language credits from one language discipline, with at least 1.0 credit at the 300/400 level:

      1. French: FSL106H5, FSL205Y5, FSL305Y5, FSL405H5, FSL406H5, FSL466H5, FRE283H5, FRE382H5, FRE383H5.
      2. Italian: ITA100Y5, ITA200Y5, ITA231H5, ITA232H5, ITA315Y5, ITA350H5, ITA371Y5, ITA413Y5, ITA420Y5, ITA437Y5, ITA450H5.
      3. Spanish: SPA100Y5, SPA220Y5, SPA259H5, SPA320Y5, SPA323H5, SPA410H5, SPA420H5.

Note: An alternate language option can be taken with the approval of the Department. Contact the Economics Academic Advisor for more information.

3. 3.0 credits from: ENV311H5, GGR325H5, GGR333H5, GGR365H5, ( HIS311H5 or ECO302H5 or ECO303H5), POL302Y5, POL311H5, POL312H5, POL327Y5, POL327H5, POL340Y5, POL343Y5, POL344H5, POL345H5, POL362H5, or an alternate 300/400-level course with approval of the Department. A list of approved alternates is available on the Economics website -

4. 1.0 credit from: ECO400Y5, ECO406H5, ECO411H5, ECO433H5, ECO435H5, ECO436H5, ECO439Y5, ECO456H5, ECO460H5, ECO461H5, ECO463H5, ECO419H1, ECO459H1, POL475H5, or an alternate 400-level course with approval of the Department.

Note: Contact the Economics Academic Advisor to request course alternates for approval