International Affairs - Specialist (Arts)

Enrolment Requirements:

Limited Enrolment - enrolment in this program is limited to students who have completed at least 4.0 credits, including:

Students enrolled in this program cannot be simultaneously enrolled in the Economics Specialist program (ERSPE1478) or Economics & Political Specialist program (ERSPE0751).

Completion Requirements:

Within an honours degree, 14.5 credits are required, of which at least 1.0 must be at the 400 level.

  1. 7.0 credits are required from the following list:
  2. 3.5 language credits from one language discipline, with at least 1.0 credit at the 300/400 level:
    1. French: FSL106H5, FSL205Y5, FSL305Y5, FSL405H5, FSL406H5, FSL466H5, FRE283H5, FRE382H5, FRE383H5.
    2. Italian: ITA100Y5, ITA200Y5, ITA231H5, ITA232H5, ITA315Y5, ITA350H5, ITA371Y5, ITA413Y5, ITA420Y5, ITA437Y5, ITA450H5.
    3. Spanish: SPA100Y5, SPA220Y5, SPA259H5, SPA320Y5, SPA323H5, SPA410H5, SPA420H5.
  • Note: An alternate language option can be taken with the approval of the Department. Contact the Economics Academic Advisor for more information.
  1. 3.0 credits from: ENV311H5, GGR325H5, GGR333H5, GGR365H5, ( HIS311H5 or ECO302H5 or ECO303H5), POL302Y5, POL327Y5, POL340Y5, POL343Y5, or an alternate 300/400-level course with approval of the Department.
  2. 1.0 credit from: ECO400Y5, ECO406H5, ECO411H5, ECO433H5, ECO435H5, ECO436H5, ECO439Y5, ECO456H5, ECO460H5, ECO461H5, ECO463H5, ECO419H1, ECO459H1, POL475H5, or an alternate 400-level course with approval of the Department.

Note: Contact the Economics Academic Advisor to request course alternates for approval.

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