Dramaturgy and Drama Studies - Minor (Arts)

Dramaturgy and Drama Studies (DDS) integrates creative and scholarly approaches to theatre through a common emphasis on dramaturgy. In addition to specific courses in developmental and production dramaturgy, the DDS program includes courses that examine theatre history, dramatic literature, critical theory, playwriting, devising, and intermedial performance, among others. DDS provides students with first-rate academic experience and credentials, while offering them ample opportunities for creative application of acquired knowledge and skills through practical components and practice-based research projects. All courses are taken at U of T Mississauga (UTM). Any courses taken outside of UTM should be pre-approved for credit by the the Director of Drama Studies and the Undergraduate Advisor on a course-by-course basis.

4.0 credits are required, as follows:

First and Second Years: ( DRE121H5 or ENG121H5) and ( DRE122H5 or ENG122H5) and DRE200H5 and DRE222H5

Higher years: 1.0 300/400 DRE credit and 1.0 further DRE from the drama-related courses.

  1. Additional DRE courses and the following drama-related courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for any Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies program: CIN206H5 or CIN207H5 or CIN208H5 or CIN215H5 or CIN308H5 or CIN403H5 or CLA300H5 or ENG218H5 or ENG261H5 or ENG263H5 or ENG279H5 or ENG309H5 or ENG317H5 or ENG330H5 or ENG331H5 or ENG335H5 or ENG336H5 or ENG337H5 or ENG340H5 or ENG341H5 or ENG342H5 or ENG343H5 or ENG352H5 or ENG424H5 or ENG425H5 or ENG426H5 or ENG434H5 (when drama related) or ENG435H5 or ENG436H5 (when drama related) or ENG460H5 or ENG461H5 or ENG462H5 or ENG463H5 or ENG470H5 or ENG471H5 or ENG472H5 or ENG473H5 (when drama related) or FAH475H5  or FRE393H5 or FRE397H5 or FRE417H5 or GER353H5 or GER355H5 or ITA242H5 or ITA246H5 or ITA247H5 or ITA307H5 or ITA309H5 or ITA311H5 or ITA313H5 or ITA315Y5 or ITA342H5 or ITA343H5 or ITA413Y5 or ITA415Y5 or ITA490Y5 or ITA495Y5 or VCC427H5. Many of these courses have departmental prerequisites. You should consult the academic calendar before enrolling or contact the Undergraduate Advisor for assistance.
  2. Students enrolled in Specialist and Major programs in Drama who have completed 2.0 DRE credits may enrol in ENG317H5 or ENG330H5 or EBG331H5 or ENG335H5 or ENG336H5 or ENG340H5 or ENG341H5 or ENG342H5 or ENG343H5.