Digital Enterprise Management - Specialist (Arts)

Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) is a specialist program, providing students with the skills and knowledge for utilizing digital technologies to solve business management and organizational problems in creative and innovative ways. Students study, build, and critically analyze enterprise-grade emerging technologies in addition to studying the traditional managerial fields such as finance, law, economics, organizational studies, risk management, design, and project management. Understanding the challenges and demands of managing organizations that use and/or develop digital technologies will prepare students for both traditional and digital enterprises.

Limited Enrolment — Admission is based on academic performance (CGPA) in a minimum of 4.0 credits that must include a minimum grade of 65% in each of CCT109H5 and CCT110H5 and CCT112H5. Each year the ICCIT program sets a minimum required CGPA. This will vary from year to year and is based, in part, on supply and demand. All students (including transfer students) must complete 4.0 U of T credits before requesting this program.

Courses completed as CR/NCR will not count as part of the 4.0 credits required for program entry. Tuition fees for students enrolling in the DEM Specialist Program will be higher than for other Arts and Science Programs.

13.5 credits are required.

First Year: CCT109H5 and CCT110H5 and CCT112H5

Second Year:

Higher Years:

  1. CCT321H5 and CCT324H5 and ( CCT328H5 or MGD428H5) and ( CCT325H5 or MGD425H5) and CCT354H5 and CCT355H5 and CCT361H5
  2. CCT424H5 and CCT461H5 and MGD421H5 and MGD426H5
  3. 1.0 credit from CCT401H5 or CCT410H5 or CCT476H5 or MGD415H5 or MGD427H5.
  4. 2.0 credits of CCT or MGD at the 300- or 400-level. Cannot include any courses already used above.


  1. Students cannot combine the Digital Enterprise Management Program with the CCIT Major program, or the Management Major Program or the Commerce Major program or Technology, Coding and Society major program.
  2. Students are encouraged to review CCT 300 and 400 level elective courses in advance, and take necessary 200 level CCT courses to meet prerequisites in higher years.
  3. Student who cannot complete CCT219H5, due to exclusion with ECO100Y5 or ECO101H5 or ECO102H5, will need to take 0.5 credit from any 200-level or higher CCT or MGD course in its place.