Theatre and Drama Studies - Specialist (Arts)

The study of Theatre, Drama and Performance examines the relationship between the artists who create written texts intended for production, the artists who turn scripts into performances, and the audiences who experience the resulting theatrical event. It is the study of the event itself and the acts of creation involved in producing that event. Theatre, Drama and Performance involves the study of plays, actors, directors, theatres, designers, and audiences from the classical stage to contemporary plays and performances from around the world.

The focus of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies at U of T Mississauga, both curricular and extra-curricular, is the Erindale Studio Theatre and the Multi-Media Studio Theatre in the CCT Building (or MiST). The Erindale Studio Theatre is used for performances of Theatre Erindale, the production company of the Specialist Program, and for performances of the English and Drama Student Society (EDSS). MiST is used for teaching and co-curricular and extra-curricular performances by all programs. We also have several rehearsal halls in Deerfield Hall that are used for classes, performances, and other program activities.

Courses in related topics are given in many disciplines. A list of these courses is given in the general notes for All Programs below and students interested in the field are advised to consider taking some of them.


The Specialist Honours Program in Theatre & Drama Studies, offered jointly with Sheridan College, involves the study of plays, actors, theatres, designers and audiences from the classical stage to contemporary plays and performances from around the world. We give students the opportunity to earn a two-year (equivalent) conservatory diploma in professional actor training from Sheridan within a Specialist degree in performance history and theory and dramatic literature from U of T Mississauga. This high-powered combined program prepares students for a career on the stage or behind the scenes in the professional theatre world, or for drama teaching at the high school or university level.

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is limited to students who are successful in an audition, conducted in the spring of each year. For audition requirements, please see the website Enrolment in all studio courses (DRS) is restricted to students in the Specialist Program. Students applying to proceed to the second year of the Theatre and Drama Studies program must have completed 4.0 credits with a minimum CGPA of 2.0.

TDS students must enroll in the Specialist Subject POSt at the end of the first year. Check your email and ACORN for further information about your Subject POSt or contact your undergraduate advisor.

12.0 credits are required.

First Year:

  1. DRE121H5 or ENG121H5
  2. DRS121H5 and DRS122H5
  3. DRE122H5 or ENG122H5

Second Year:

  1. DRE200H5 and DRE222H5
  2. DRS221H5 and DRS222H5

Third & Fourth Year:

  1. DRS321H5 and DRS322H5
  2. DRS325H5 and DRS326H5
  3. DRS421H5 and DRS422H5
  4. DRS425H5 and DRS426H5
  5. 1.5 DRE credit at the 300/400-level
  6. 0.5 DRE credit at the 400-level
  7. 2.0 additional credits of drama-related courses (see course list below)
  1. Additional DRE courses and the following drama-related courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for any Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies program: CIN206H5 or CIN207H5 or CIN208H5 or CIN215H5 or CIN308H5 or CIN403H5 or CLA300H5 or ENG218H5 or ENG223H5 or ENG261H5 or ENG263H5 or ENG279H5 or ENG309H5 or ENG317H5 or ENG330H5 or ENG331H5 or ENG335H5 or ENG336H5 or ENG337H5 or ENG340H5 or ENG341H5 or ENG342H5 or ENG343H5 or ENG352H5 or ENG424H5 or ENG425H5 or ENG426H5 or ENG434H5 (when drama related) or ENG435H5 or ENG436H5 (when drama related) or ENG460H5 or ENG461H5 or ENG462H5 or ENG463H5 or ENG470H5 or ENG471H5 or ENG472H5 or ENG473H5 (when drama related) or FAH475H5 or FRE393H5 or FRE397H5 or FRE417H5 or GER353H5 or GER355H5 or ITA242H5 or ITA246H5 or ITA247H5 or ITA307H5 or ITA309H5 or ITA311H5 or ITA313H5 or ITA315Y5 or ITA342H5 or ITA343H5 or ITA413Y5 or ITA415Y5 or ITA490Y5 or ITA495Y5 or VCC427H5. Many of these courses have departmental prerequisites. You should consult the academic calendar before enrolling or contact the Undergraduate Advisor for assistance.
  2. ENG100H5 does not count toward the TDS Specialist program.
  3. DRE201H5 is not intended for Specialists and does not count towards program requirements.
  4. "Taking a year off" from this program is possible, if difficult, after the first and second year, problematic and nearly impossible after the third year. Returning at any point requires consultation with the Director of Drama Studies at UTM and the Program Coordinator at Sheridan College and also depends on the availability of space in the class you wish to join. Likewise, students considering time away should also consult the Director of Drama Studies at UTM and the Program Coordinator at Sheridan College.