Business, Science and Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) empowers transformational thinking and collaboration and lets us see the world from a new perspective. Integrating people, place and purpose, our students, faculty and researchers come together to create new knowledge and share it with the world. We build leaders and give them the skills they need to harness innovation and apply it in ways that will ultimately create positive impact for people and communities everywhere.  

IMI is home to UTM’s Business Minor, UTM’s professional graduate programs, IMIx Executive Education, ICUBE entrepreneurship hub, BIGDataAIHUB, Sustainability programming and the Certificate of Completion in Global Sustainability. Our programs are distinctive in their focus on experiential and applied learning.

The Business Minor has been designed for students whose primary focus is a science discipline, but who recognize that obtaining an understanding of the fundamentals of business, will provide them with a competitive advantage and distinguish them from other applicants for both summer jobs and after graduation. Students will learn fundamental business knowledge that will complement their science education and support their future success.

Students who are accepted into the minor will be exposed to more than one field of study (Fundamentals of Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Operations), hence making themselves more marketable for endeavors they choose to pursue post undergraduate studies. Students will have two skill sets to utilize in the workplace as having a strong knowledge of a specific science discipline coupled with the fundamentals of business will allow students the opportunity to evaluate and make decisions while taking into account both the science as well as the business imperatives that typically drive these organizational decisions.

In addition, the courses in the business minor are being structured so that they tie back to science oriented business scenarios. For example, an accounting course may involve analysis of resource statements of pharmaceutical or chemical companies. Similarly, a strategy course may involve the analysis of how companies have effectively introduced a new drug to the mass consumer market.

Business, Science and Entrepreneurship Programs

Business, Science and Entrepreneurship - Minor (Science)

Business, Science and Entrepreneurship - Minor (Science)

Enrolment Requirements:

Limited Enrolment — Enrolment in this program is limited to students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled in a UTM Science Specialist or Major Subject Post.
  2. Completion of 4.0 credits.
  3. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): Determined annually by the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) to ensure a balance between enrolment and teaching resources. NOTE: Completion of ECO101H5 or ECO100Y5 in the first year of study before enrolment in the program is strongly recommended.

Completion Requirements:

ECO101H5 or ECO100Y5, IMI201H5, IMI202H5, IMI203H5, IMI301H5, IMI302H5, IMI303H5, IMI400H5.

Note: Students are required to remain enrolled in a Science Specialist or Major program in order to complete this Minor in Business, Science, and Entrepreneurship program.


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