Game Studies - Minor (Arts)

The Game Studies Minor focuses on the analysis, history, and theory of games as cultural, artistic, and technological forms as well as on game design, with a strong emphasis on games as a narrative and world-making medium. Courses in the Minor adopt humanistic and social science approaches to studying the evolution of games, the game production industry, games as rhetorical devices, and the diverse communities who make and play games. As they become sophisticated critics of games, students learn fundamental principles and methodologies in the creation and testing of tabletop, role-playing, and digital games and gain practice in the use of game engines.

Enrolment in this program is limited. To qualify, students must have completed 4.0 credits and achieved a minimum 65% grade in each of the ENG110H5 and CCT109H5.

4.0 credits are required, including 1.0 credit at the 300/ 400 level)

First Year: ENG110H5 and CCT109H5

Second Year: ENG263H5 and CCT270H5

Higher Years:

  1. Students must complete 1.5 credit of ENG courses and 1.5 credit of CCT courses as part of the Game Studies Minor.
  2. As an additional course option, CSC389H5 may be used toward program completion, depending on the course topic. Students interested in completing CSC389H5 for the Minor must obtain permission from the Department of English & Drama in advance.